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Have you found yourself in situations where the ability to communicate tactfully, yet with confidence, would help you get what you want? Most of us also want to do that in a way that is not at the expense of others or ourselves. We can ignore these conversations, but doing so will become the number one reason for low morale and lack of accountability, and these avoidance situations can be turned around if you have a “safe” way to approach one another.

  • Learn how to address things sooner and remove hesitation and fear.
  • Creative ways to stop giving excuses when you rather not confront an issue.
  • How to hold some accountable (yes, you can and you can still keep your job)!

This session gives everyone tools on ‘how to say it’, but not at the expense of yourself or others…in a classy and uplifting way!

How To Build Goodwill So You Can Say What You Need To Say!

Valerie would be happy to customize this session for you!

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