Helping You Cope With & Stop



If you are an organizational leader, know that we have many resources available for you in order to train, motivate and empower your staff. Our continuum of resources spans from coping skills to systemic implementation and accountability. We have worked with organizations and individuals with a solid knowledge base for the decisive ability of assessing workplace bullying situations as well as helping you to properly address the situation while still maintaining a sense of dignity an morale within your team.

Our resources expand to include:

  • Sessions for front line staff as well as managers, leaders and supervisors with the sensitivity of being able to lead all staff to a higher standard of attitude accountability and respect.
  • Special systemic consulting and sessions for Human Resource Professionals an Executive Teams.
  • On-line learning or blended learning for more difficult navigation.
  • Confidential assessments, surveys and consulting to help you move through tough decisions, difficult to lead situations and impossible morale issues.
  • One on one or group coaching which is based on solid experience of building morale, team work and performance with regard to having experienced workplace bullying or adversarial attitudinal issues.
  • Support for you and your organization as you move around each corner to creating and sustaining a world class culture of respect.

If you are a leader within an organization and you are looking to address some of these situations, feel free to be in contact with Valerie for a free consultation – it can be a very good place to start and know we are in your corner.