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See Valerie address specific workplace bullying situations on stage! Be sure to watch all the video clips below.
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Valerie Cade, MA Workplace Bullying Speaker & Best Selling Author

Valerie Cade, MA is noted as one of North America's top workplace bullying experts. She is an award winning speaker and the best-selling author of Bully Free at Work and speaks to organizations and associations, helping them to cope with and stop workplace bullying. Click here to work with Valerie.

What is Workplace Bullying?

Join workplace bullying expert and speaker Valerie Cade CSP as she explains the difference between working with workplace bullies vs. difficult people. Valerie is author of 'Bully Free at Work' which is distributed in over 100 countries worldwide.

What Can I Do About Workplace Bullying?

Join Valerie Cade, CSP, workplace bullying expert, speaker and author of Bully Free at Work, as she explains what to do in a workplace bullying situation.

How Can I Get Them To Listen?

Wonder how to get someone to listen to your plans on how to stop workplace bullying? This will show you a quick tip!

Don't Wait Too Long to Deal With Bullying!

Join Valerie Cade CSP as see touches on the reality of waiting 'too long' to deal with a workplace bullying situation.

Bully Free At Work: CTV Canada AM

One of North America's top Experts on Workplace Bullying, Speaker & Author of Bully Free at Work. Valerie Cade is interviewed on the Politics of Workplace Bullying.

Bully Free At Work: Breakfast Television

Bullying Expert, Speaker & Author of Bully Free at Work, Valerie Cade is interviewed on Calgary's Breakfast TV on the Effects of Workplace Bullying and what you can do.