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Workplace Bullying Inspiration: Decisiveness and Discernment

Here is some Inspiration to help you stop workplace bullying:

Inspiration is the key in creating an encouraging atmosphere.  This helps to build the strength needed to take those steps you’d like to take in order to bully proof yourself and establish clear boundaries.

Consider the virtues of: Forbearance and Forgiveness

These words of wisdom are from the Virtues Project™

If you had one minute to decide what was right for you, you’d probably know what to do.  Yet sometimes, making a decision that is good for us can take far too long.  How can you make the best decisions sooner?


Decisiveness is firmness of mind in taking a stand or making a decision.  It requires us to be both courageous and discerning.  At times, a choice appears and we must make it instantly, without hesitation, prompted by a deep knowing that it is right and timely.  Decisiveness can also call us to hold a decision with patience, prayer and deep contemplation.  We seek a pure intent, which guides us to a conclusion we can trust.  Then one day, we reach the bedrock of truth and know it is time to act.  We move forward with resolve and confidence.  Being decisive, we are content with our decisions and do not second-guess ourselves.  The timing of a good decision is just divine.

The Practice of Decisiveness

  • I have the courage to decide.
  • I have confidence in my choices.
  • I am not afraid to act in the moment.
  • I take the time I need to discern the wisest path.
  • I trust my deepest truth.
  • I carry my decisions into action.


Discernment is accessing the wisdom of our intuition to discover what is essential and true.  Detaching from our desire to rush decisions, or the procrastination in making a needed decision, we seek to distinguish the true from the false, the facts from our assumptions, and then choose the best path.  Reflecting in silence creates space for our deepest perceptions.  With contemplative vigilance, we open ourselves to clarity.  We listen deeply for the true questions, trusting that the answer will unfold and reveal itself when the time is right.  We become alert to the messages that come in subtle and surprising ways.  We hold decisions lightly until the truth emerges.  Discernment empowers us to be guided by grace.

The Practice of Discernment

  • I trust my inner vision.
  • I seek full information.
  • I release the pressure to decide by determination alone.
  • I take time for reflection and prayer.
  • I hone my intuition.
  • I am alert to the signs placed in my path.
  • I am open to revelation.

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2 responses to “Workplace Bullying Inspiration: Decisiveness and Discernment”

  1. brenda whiteley says:

    thank you for this timeley article. I am basically at this bullys disposal and Im still put on trial (relatively) when the boss comes in its a look at her look at me kinda thing… In between is the look of death from her everytime I move. I have made attempts to walk away but she will force her way over to make eyecontact and look me up and down. I have made several attempts to explain this to my superior and he tells me you worry about you and Ill worry about her…. Im not worried about her Im just tired of the threatening looks and mean stares and ugly untrue comments made to others who also happen to be my coworkers. Of course its the law of the jungle what are you gonna do if she is the ring leader… I am so so tired of risking my job everytime I breath at work and believe I am not lacking in work ethic or respect for others who are working beside me. She once sat down for a solid hour while I worked then when the boss came in she told him I was not getting enough people out of the aisle and It was causing her to have too many customers. I sprang an emotional leak of course now I walk out because of the total back lash and lack of dignity I am feeling. It isn’t gonna stop and I know that pray that I get a reliable solution. I really like this job and the customers I wait on. I like helping people and am not looking for ways to get out of work or pass the buck. She has been on this job 27 years, we have a union and she is openly lesbian. Her partner works as well in the bakery so at the glimse of anything she will yell discrimination till the lights go out and they know this…I just want to work and be liked and I feel like this person is prohibiting me from good relationships because of the fear factor… thanks again for your prayers….brenda

  2. carl almodovar says:

    Please let us focus on the Bully law of the state of New York with a how to kit if you can help assemble one together so that people can apply or file for the union, management and the board of directors.

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