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Bully Free at Work

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Bully Free at Work

I have to let you know that you are the best anti-bullying speaker/writer that I have come across. Instead of hearing the same old solutions regurgitated so many times, I felt instantly uplifted and inspired from your video, the first article, the first podcast and then buying your book allowed me to really learn and apply this to my specific situation- it has saved my life. You were spot on about so many of the little things that occur when one is being bullied which are often overlooked by other specialists. You really get it; thank you!

- KR, Director of Medical Services, Seattle, Washington

What a great website and your book, Bully Free at Work was exactly what I needed to curb my despair. I have been pushed into a corner, where I ended up leaving a job I absolutely loved for 9 years. I have had the nightmares, and just starting to get over severe depression. I am currently in a Human Rights case against the organization. Thank you so much for your excellent advice and insights.

- SW, Supervisor, Financial Services, Dallas, Texas

I had been bullied by my boss for years before I found your site.  The information I gained allowed me to recognize exactly what he was doing both to me and to the rest of our department.  Without your help, I am sure that I would now been unemployed, (and probably unemployable).  However, I have been vindicated, all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you for the help you have given us!

- KL, Medical Professional, New South Wales, Australia

I have just recently landed on the other side of a corporate bullying experience which was incredibly painful over a period of months.  I came close to folding under the abuse. “Bully Free at Work” is the most useful and validating piece of information I have come across to date and it has helped me with my healing and empowerment to become even stronger.  Thank you very much!

- Erin, Australia

I think you just saved my life at work!  I was alone last night going over and over the nasty emails my boss had sent me.  It isn't the type of problem that friends or family can help you with.  Luckily for me, I searched Google for how to deal with a bad boss and found you.  I bought your eBook and read every word of it today, some of it twice!  I can't tell you what a relief it was to see the bully in writing.  I see now what happened and why.  Thank you for the education!  It was money well spent and I will tell everyone about this book!  I will no longer accept being bullied by anyone!  If that means I need to get a new job then so be it.  Thank you for restoring me to the reality that this isn't about me; it's about the narcissist bully!

- Kim, MI, USA

Bully Free at Work” has helped me unmask my bully boss to the Director of the company where I work.  It has made me understand that the problem is my bully boss, and not me.  It has given me a shield to avoid my bully boss with his continued abuse of workload.  I can now work in peace and think clearly and have a better and higher productivityIt has given me more self-confidence and security at my workplace.

Yes, I definitely recommend this book to others, and I have read the whole website and have got the best ever valuable information and very important videos.  I like every single bit of information, because it is explained in detail with specific words on every different situation.

- Camille, Aruba, West Indies

Bully Free at Work” is complete with the specific tools I needed, not just an­other rendition of ‘the problem’.  I really felt I could deal with the bully.  This is THE book anyone exposed to workplace bullying should read.  Thank you for hope restored.

- Diane, Registered Nurse

I wish to congratulate you on such an amazing book for Bullying in the Workplace. I never knew bullying was such an issue until it happened to me.  I found “Bully Free at Work” to be the only source with all the necessary information to address the denial of the bullying at work.  “Bully Free at Work” is the perfect gift to hand anyone who feels they are being bullied.

- Philip, Dublin, Ireland

Thank you for your book – a true piece of hope! This is EXACTLY what I need to help me through the next phase of my horrible workplace experience of 10 years. I am out of the bully's physical clutches now, but still remain in her emotional clutches to a certain extent. I am going to follow these steps, and take my time in doing so. I think this will help me to recovery fully, and move on.

Thank you so much. You'll never know how much I appreciate your email installments and your book’s ability to really identify my exact experiences. I was in a horrible, horrible situation for ten years and it's not easy to turn off the switch. The experience robbed me of myself, but I am slowly feeling better as time goes on.

- Teresa

I just wanted to say that I really value your regular newsletters and they have really helped in my struggle against workplace bullying, and now bullying that's taking place in my personal life. Your book was absolutely what I needed to really turn the corner; after many years of hopelessness.

- Maria (and my family too)

I always thought that I had plenty of training in Assertiveness, and with my MS in counseling services, I thought I would know what to do…you are right, handling workplace bullying is so much different than everything else I had learned!

I truly hope to meet you someday.  It's been a very long, difficult journey and I am so glad I found your website. Your book Bully Free at Work has been highlighted, read and re-read many times giving me direction and conviction. Thank you Valerie!

- RP, New York, Higher Education

Being a timid person by nature, I appreciate the empowerment that your tools in Bully Free at Work have given me.  It was as if you wrote the book just for me! I eagerly await becoming more prepared to handle the duo of bullies in our 10-employee clinic. Thank you again!

- KC, Nebraska

Thank you for the information in your newsletters. It is excellent quality and sheds light on subtle and challenging issues. Keep up the great work!

- Kathy Johnson, Career and Employment Consultant -Canada Saskatchewan Career and Employment Services

The content of Valerie's presentation last week was invaluable. I bought your book and read it all in ONE day. As I turned each page, I began to have hope once again… Thank you again. 

- SG, age 62

I just wanted to thank you and your team for the helpful website newsletters that you send out.  I have been bullied in my workplace and what was difficult (and required months) was first to identify that I was being bullied!  Then the next step was to decide upon what to do.  Eventually, I contacted HR (whom initially I believed would try to find a way to let me go); the process is currently on going, but in addition to your advice in your book, I knew exactly how to approach my situation - I feel like I can stay in this company and have a better year! All the best!

- CK

Thanks for the valuable info. I read it faithfully and share it with my staff of 13. We appreciate the information. Many of my employees have read your book, Bully Free at Work and I can honestly say it has been the single greatest thing we’ve done to increase morale. Turnover is at an all time low and I look forward to going to work each day!

- Carol

I have quickly read through the book and now I am working through it in detail. Your book is brilliant; it has already put things into a manageable perspective.

- Steve, New Zealand

Valerie shows an artist’s touch in terms of delivering important (and sometimes hard to hear) messages in a vehicle of humor and humbleness.  Very effective.” Buying each of our employees your book, Bully Free at Work, has given everyone their personal empowerment plan – a perfect follow-up to your fantastic session with us. This book should be in the hands of every leader.

- SJ and TR, Canadian Mental Health Association

FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC, VERY, VERY HELPFUL!  I will use this in my high school classes.  SO glad somebody has finally put this down on paper and is doing something about it.  Your work is very appreciated and valued.  Keep it coming.

- Warmly, DK

Since buying your book earlier this year, my life has improved dramatically. To the extent that I have been able to admit I was bullied, as well as finally getting my organization to recognize the fact that I was being bullied. I am about to start work again after a six-month break so we will see what happens. Your book and the emails have been a revelation to me, I could not have got this far without it. I now show your book to others, who I think could benefit. Many many thanks!

- Rob, Auckland NEW ZEALAND

Bravo!  I just left my job after 2 years of bullying by a person in my department.  It took me 1 1/2 years to even put my finger on what was going on.  However, I ran across your book and thought..."bingo, this is it!"  I was blaming myself for not being able to get along or for being different, but in retrospect, this woman planted seeds from the very beginning of her tenure at the job.  I was shocked at first...tried harder to get along...but nothing mattered – You showed me how a bully thinks and works and this awareness allowed me to step back and gain back my self-respect. Thanks you Valerie for your excellent book! - it gave me hope!

- Sandy, Lead Supervisor

I wanted to take this opportunity to just tell you how much your articles and information has helped me in the past and continues to help me today! I accidentally found your website months ago, when searching for information and help with a "bully situation" I have at work, obviously. 

Today, I am reviewing my "BullyFreeAtWork" files and the notes from having read your book to help me get past some things that happened this past week and I just wanted to let you know just how much you have helped me out. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! 

- DL, Oklahoma, USA