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Workplace Bullying Inspiration: Determination and Dignity

Here is some Inspiration to help you stop workplace bullying:

Inspiration is the key in creating an encouraging atmosphere.  This helps to build the strength needed to take those steps you’d like to take in order to bully proof yourself and establish clear boundaries.

Consider the virtues of: Determination and Dignity

These words of wisdom are from the Virtues Project™

When people are newly empowered, they often foster a new determination to protect themselves from the bully.  Sometimes there is a tendency by the target to “make up for lost time” and “get back” at the bully.  How would you like to have your needs met, but not at the expense of another?


Determination is the power of intent that drives our dreams.  It is the strength of will to act with resolve.  We focus our energy on a purpose and persevere until we meet our goal.  Determination is the commitment to follow through, until we accomplish our purpose.  We care about something so much that even when difficulties arise, and things don’t come easy, we keep on keeping on.  If one path doesn’t work, we try another way.  We don’t allow ourselves to get distracted or to go off track.  We complete the tasks we choose to do.  With determination we will succeed.

“The difference between determination and stubbornness is that one comes from a strong will and the other from a strong won’t.” – Unknown

The Practice of Determination

  • I am clear about what I want to accomplish.
  • I am committed to meeting my goals.
  • I focus my full attention on what is important.
  • I do what it takes to follow through.
  • I am flexible and persevering.
  • I finish what I start.


Dignity is a sense of worthiness and respect.  It comes from remembering who we truly are and our purpose for being.  When we are mindful of our own dignity, we hold ourselves with self-esteem, respect and simple confidence.  We move and speak in a graceful manner.  We avoid actions that cause us to feel ashamed.  We recognize the inherent worth of each person, whether or not they see it for themselves.  We treat everyone with the respect and honour all beings deserve.  We refuse to violate anyone’s rights.

The Practice of Dignity

  • I know my own worth.
  • I carry myself with respect.
  • I keep myself free of shame.
  • I value all people.
  • I avoid mistreating others.
  • I act honorably.
  • I honor everyone’s rights.

“I am thankful for the gift of Dignity.  It helps me to walk tall.”

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2 responses to “Workplace Bullying Inspiration: Determination and Dignity”

  1. Mike Carattini says:

    Good Day All! Nice title Valerie and very appreciated as always. Myself many times I’d felt frustrated by a lot of ‘Bullies’ everywhere I step in for work, but don’t know how the heck such ‘gray cloud’ follow me out? Sincerely your information are being crussial for trying understanding how the ‘Bullies’ mechanism work. The thing is that even them doesn’t know why they are the way they are, Funny Isn’t? Alrigth thanks for your great instructional E-Mails and we’ll stay in contact near future again. Thanks very Much!

  2. Dove says:

    What do you do when the bullying results in a permanant physical injury??

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