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How To Manage Your Boss: The Essence of Influence

Someone once said, “What interests my boss fascinates the heck out of me!” Better said, it is in our best interest to be aware of what is important to our boss, in order to know how to co-exist. After 20 years of working with people all over the world, it occurred to me that realizing how to manage my boss was one of the most important things I learned in order to get more results overall…so here are some tips I have used for years, no matter what the personality!

One of the most noted questions we receive at Bully Free at Work is “What Can I Do…I Don’t Connect With My Boss?”

Many of you are saying these 4 things:

  1. “I don’t feel my boss understands me”;
  2. “I don’t think my boss respects me” and;
  3. “I know I’m analyzing about what to do next, much too often!”
  4. Lastly, you just wish you could have a game plan and move on instead of ‘playing the guessing game’.

I used to think I was going crazy until:

  • I realized “Hey, maybe I do have some good skills and I am a good person! I just might be in a situation where I am forgetting this.”
  • I began to see, “I have had good relations with others, maybe it is the dynamic of me working with this boss that needs to change. It’s not that I’m 100% incapable.”
  • In order to have something change, I could wait for my boss to change (this one didn’t work) or:
  • I could learn how to ‘Manage My Boss’ (in a win-win way) in order to have my needs met, meet the needs of the company as best as I can, and not harm too many people!’

Here Are 3 Things I Learned Over the Years:

  1. When I understand what motivates my boss, I gain the upper hand, so to speak. This can be a win-win advantage, rather than a power-over situation.
  2. To not take these situations personally. Saying this is the easy part…knowing it, well, I have one simple saying: “That says more about my boss than it does about me!”
  3. Knowing what was important to my boss in order to get his or her needs met was key in getting my needs met.

Did you know that I was bullied at work not just once, not just twice, but three distinct times? Did you know that after I learned these principles, I was not bullied anymore?

So why am I telling you this?

While preparing for our year end here at Bully Free at Work, we discovered we had 49 CD albums of these very secrets in our resource: “How To Manage Your Boss Without Them Knowing It”!

These were the secrets that started the Bully Free at Work movement…and now we have people that we’ve helped in over 100 countries from all over the world. “How To Manage Your Boss Without Them Knowing It” not only has the best secrets of how to ‘manage your boss’ (the ‘information’), but it is recorded live in 2 CDs complete with a workbook you can use to follow along. The live recording is your ‘inspiration’…working through this is your ‘implementation’ plan for moving ahead.

Isn’t it time to have a different experience at work? It’s your turn…

Yes, I want to Know How To Manage
My Boss Without Them Knowing It!

How To Manage Your Boss! 3 Album CD Set Complete with Workbook for only $49.97. By understanding what motivates your boss, you can anticipate and appeal to those motivations. Trust is then built. This allows your boss to ‘let go’ so you can take on more responsibilities for your job satisfaction. When you master the skill of managing your boss, you can manage anyone!


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