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Get Your BEST Sleep: Ensuring Resilience Against Bullying

You might be surprised to learn that there’s a simple treatment that boosts energy levels, improves memory, increases your ability to concentrate, strengthens your immune system, and decreases your risk of death and injury in accidents. Amazingly, it costs absolutely nothing, and is available to anyone. It’s called “sleep.” Getting your best sleep will help your resilience in dealing with workplace bullies.

Workplace bullies can zap your normal energy levels, due to increased anxiety, worry and crazy-making. Quality, restful, undisturbed sleep is one of the keys to maximizing your daytime energy level, but it may take a little tinkering to find what’s right for you, especially if you feel you are under the stress of workplace bullies at work.

Try these sleep resiliency tips to stop the stressful effects of workplace bullies from Productivity Expert and USA Today Consultant, Laura Stack:

1. Catch the right number of Z’s. Experiment with finding the correct number of hours of sleep that best suits you. As a regular routine and being under stress, any hours sleeping before midnight are deemed as a greater payoff.
2. Interestingly, in a pinch, 4 hours of sleep might suit you better than 5; it is about the body’s rhythms and it is hard to wake up in the middle of a sleep rhythm.
3. Stick with a regular plan going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time — even on weekends and holidays. This might be very difficult to do, so try making the agreement with yourself that you will be in bed by…and then set your alarm for a specific time to wake up. Your body will love you, and your resilience to workplace bullying will get stronger.
4. The worry associated with workplace bullying can cause one to feel tired all the time. Nap wisely. If you absolutely have to take a nap, limit it to one hour — and do not nap at all if you suffer from insomnia.
5. Treat sleep disorders. If you can’t get any rest, have yourself tested for sleep disorders. There are over 100, and each can interfere with your physical and emotional well being. Getting additional help here can make a real difference in dealing with the stressful effects associated with workplace bullying. Many people wait too long to get tested.
6. Create the right sleep environment. Your bedroom should be your sleeping sanctuary, not a place to read, knit, watch TV, or worry about workplace bullying. If your body associates bed with sleep, you’ll get to sleep more quickly and sleep better.
7. Here is an excellent tip for having a deep sleep: Make your bedroom totally dark before bed. SO dark that you cannot see. Our bodies take this sign of darkness as a signal to truly rest. Deep, restful sleep not only restores the body for the next day, it also acts to heal the body from past suffering from workplace bullying.


Never underestimate the value of a good night’s sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll suffer fatigue, lack of energy, difficulty concentrating, and irritability the next day. While the body can dig into its reserves for a few days, inadequate sleep will eventually reduce your effectiveness at anything you attempt to do: especially having the resilience to handle workplace bullying.

Question: What are your sleep patterns? What do you know to be ineffective? Effective? 

Laura Stack is a personal productivity expert, author, and professional speaker. She is the president of The Productivity Pro®, Inc., a time management training firm specializing in productivity improvement in high-stress organizations. She is the bestselling author of three works published by Broadway Books: The Exhaustion Cure (2008), Find More Time (2006) and Leave the Office Earlier (2004). Visit to sign up for her free monthly productivity newsletter.

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