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Workplace Bullying: Keeping the Faith

“I wasn’t brought up, I was dropped up!”  Some of you may have felt this way as children, or you may feel this way with your boss.  Nevertheless, many times, leaders or people in authority may disappoint us.  Peter Daniels, well known successful business person and author, says “You can change your life by changing your attitude.”

What are we really saying here?

There may be some things we cannot change; however, there may be some things we can change and knowing this might just be the extra power you could use right now.

Consider Peter’s Top 10 Tips to Change Your Life:

1.  Mastery or Procrastination – Is there anything I am trying to avoid?

  • Taking care of myself physically to gain energy
  • Talking to someone about my workplace bullying situation
  • Taking the time to document my workplace bullying situation

2.  Enthusiasm – Desire drives us.  If there is no desire, or a substantial lack of it, get out (Refer back to #1).

3.  Start to Create HABITS. Consistency builds confidence.  Try something for 3 days, then a week, then a month, then…  Jim Rohn says “For every disciplined effort, there is a multiple reward.”

4.  Have a Problem-Solutions focus. Identify exactly what’s bothering you vs “just letting your emotions get you down”.  If you’ve already identified things, this is a very good step to resilience.

5.  Show Up and Do What It Takes to Solve Problems – Research ideas vs simply talking about the challenge.  Keep seeking, searching and researching – you’re worth it!

6.  Emotions are the Enemy of Reason – Learn to handle the negative emotions by putting an ‘end time’ to worrying.  Try saying “From 6:00 – 6:30 pm, I am not going to think about it”.  Also begin a list of the things you are grateful for.  This humbleness shifts our emotions.

7.  Criticism – Reminding yourself there is no excuse for rudeness, and any rude behavior says more about that person than you.

8.  Law of Attraction – Positive people give off positive energy and attract good people, things, situations.  Could you schedule some time each day to be thankful and positive – how about at the beginning of the day to have you in control of who’s attracted to you!

9.  Decisiveness – Make decisions; pick a lane and drive in it.  It’s then your lane.

10.  Do Something for Someone Else – Many times when we are down, we can’t imagine having the energy to do this.  In fact, you may not have any energy now.  Try one small thing each day … on faith … and watch what happens.

What are some tips you have used in order to keep positive and hopeful?

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