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Workplace Bullying Inspiration: Independence and Contentment

Here is some Inspiration to help you stop workplace bullying:

Inspiration is the key in creating an encouraging atmosphere.  This helps to build the strength needed to take those steps you’d like to take in order to bully proof yourself and establish clear boundaries.

Consider the virtues of: Independence and Contentment

These words of wisdom are from the Virtues Project™

Perception can be deception!  A gift you can have right now in terms of handling workplace bullies is to reframe how you might see yourself.  Here’s some encouragement for you.


Independence is confident self-reliance.  We have the courage to see reality with our own eyes and not through the eyes of others.  We dare to be our true selves.  We make decisions without undue influence from others.  We responsibly care for ourselves.  We enjoy intimacy without enmeshment.  We do not depend on another to define our value, or lose ourselves to love.  We bring ourselves fully to a relationship yet honour the boundaries that protect each other’s dignity.  We stand on our own ground.

The Practice of Independence

  • I think for myself.
  • I am fully myself.
  • I trust my own decisions.
  • I enjoy healthy self-care.
  • I do not burden my relationships with unrealistic expectations.
  • I balance intimacy with self-reliance.


Contentment is an awareness of sufficiency, a sense that we have enough and we are enough.  It is appreciating the simple gifts of life – friendship, books, a good laugh, a moment of beauty, a cool drink on a hot day.  Being contented, we are free from the pull of greed and longing.  We trust that life provides what we need when we need it.  Contentment allows us to experience satisfaction with what is.  We are fully present in this moment.  Being contented does not obstruct our dreams or thwart our purpose.  It is a place to stand and view the future with a peaceful heart and gratitude for all that is and all that is to come.

The Practice of Contentment

  • I allow myself to be satisfied and grateful.
  • I trust that I am enough.
  • I enjoy where I am and what I have.
  • I resist the craving for more.
  • I am fully alive to the present moment.
  • I relax in the trust that life is good.

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