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Workplace Bullying Inspiration: Initiative and Hope

Here is some Inspiration to help you stop workplace bullying:

Inspiration is the key in creating an encouraging atmosphere.  This helps to build the strength needed to take those steps you’d like to take in order to bully proof yourself and establish clear boundaries.

Consider the virtues of: Initiative and Hope

These words of wisdom are from the Virtues Project™

Have you ever educated yourself “enough” on how to handle a situation, but you couldn’t seem to start?  Here is some inspiration to help you get started.


Initiative is originality and creativity in action.  When we have initiative, we boldly express new ideas, discover a new method, or find a different way to solve a problem.  We lead our lives responsibly.  We don’t wait for others to remind us or pressure us into action.  We accept responsibility as an engaging opportunity to apply our own ideas.  We spring to a challenge with enthusiasm.  We call on discernment to forge a new way.  We use our creativity to bring something new into the world.  With initiative, we dare to be original.

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Practice of Initiative

  • I have the courage to be original.
  • I solve problems creatively.
  • I see challenges as opportunities.
  • I am confident in initiating untried ideas.
  • I engage in tasks with enthusiasm.
  • I am a pioneer.


Hope is looking to the future with trust and faith.  It is optimism is the face of adversity.  Without hope, we lose our will to live fully.  Hope gives us the courage to keep moving forward.  It can be elusive when we have suffered often, yet it is the light that can redeem our dreams.  With hope, we know we are not alone.  There is always help when we are willing to ask.  There are gifts to be gleaned from all that happens.  With hope, w find the confidence to try and try again.

The Practice of Hope

  • I maintain a positive attitude.
  • I embrace my life fully.
  • I have faith in the value of life.
  • I have the confidence to succeed.
  • I seek to discern life’s lessons.
  • I persevere through all conditions.

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