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How Do You Rate?  Boundary Quiz for Workplace Bullying

Awareness is empowerment.  Boundaries are essential in protecting yourself from workplace bullying and disrespectful acts.  Take the quiz:     What gets measured gets treasured!

1.  Do you have a healthy ability to be emotionally attached to others?

Not attached      Healthy     Too attached

5      4      3      2     1      2      3     4      5

2.  Can you retain your sense of freedom/selfhood and set yourself apart from others’ needs?

Too independent     Healthy   Too attached

5       4       3       2       1       2       3       4       5

3.  Can you say NO when needed, without the anxiety/fear that others may pull away?

Don’t care           Healthy     Anxious, fearful

5      4     3      2      1      2      3      4      5

4.  Can you accept NO from others without passive-aggressiveness/withdrawing love and care?

Aloof, non-responsive       Healthy              Passive

5        4         3         2         1         2         3         4         5

Question:  What will you do now?

Here is a special tip to help you to start creating healthy boundaries:

Avoid rescuing others.  This is called being over-responsible for others.  We are responsible to others.  Being over-responsible for others is a form of co-dependency.  No one wins.  In fact, the person you rescue often carries a resentment toward you, because ultimately people do want to gain the self-esteem associated with taking responsibility for one’s own life.


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