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Do You Have a Respectful Attitude: How Do You Rate?
We are hired at work to produce results. There are many ways to produce many types of results, yet very often it is this confusion about “the way” which is not clearly defined, articulated and explained. Clarity assists with accountability.
  1. An organization’s purpose is to get a result; ultimately commerce is involved at some level, thus “cutting costs” and “making profits” are part of any business.
  2. To attract and develop trust with customers and staff, an organization will post a Vision, Mission and Values (the “why” the organization will conduct its behavior).
  3. One of the top values organizations list today is the word Respect.
  4. One of the top sources of employee dissatisfaction is experiencing what they would call “a lack of respect”.
  5. There is a gap between saying an organization “respects one another”, and ensuring that if employees experience disrespect, there is an accountability system to address, correct, and continue.
Take our Bully Free at Work Respect Assessment: Rate yourself and your team on a scale of 5 – 1 (5 = Excellent, 1 = poor) on giving or receiving respect in the following situations:
  1. Honoring each other as valuable.
  2. Treating others with dignity.
  3. Communicating to include, not exclude or control.
  4. To be heard by another (seeking to understand) and to respond with courtesy and curiousity.
  5. Acknowledging thoughts and feelings; not discounting, blaming or forcing to comply, but to be received as real.
  6. Asking; not ordering, yelling at or swearing.
  7. Providing clear and informative answers to questions that are legitimately your business.
  8. Knowing the right to receive encouragement and support (rapport is caring, “report only” is no relationship).
  9. Speaking of others positively.
  10. Seeking to connect and build communication for both parties, as opposed to positioning for control.

Part of the workplace bullying cycle is for the bully to confuse and have control over the target.
Respectful workplace relationships occur best when both parties agree the relationship is respectful.

  • Your beliefs become your thoughts.
  • Your thoughts become your words.
  • Your words become your actions.
  • Your actions become your habits.
  • Your habits become your values.
  • Your values become your destiny.

– Mahatma Gandhi

Do You Believe in People in a Respectful Way?

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