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What Can You Say to the Bully?

What Can You Say to the Bully? A common scenario: You are in the presence of someone with a ‘strong personality’; someone who is oppositional. You start discussing something and they start contradicting you, he/she begins to challenge your facts that you believe to be true, and leaves you to second guess your facts and doubt your intentions. You call your friend (again) to go over details because ‘this doesn’t make sense’. You spend …

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Workplace Bullying Help For Your Team!

Workplace Bullying Help For Your Team! This is a special message to everyone all across the 100 countries we serve here at Bully Free at Work. Many of you have expressed an interest in creating training for your staff, departments or teams that is relevant AND cost effective. Top challenges: You want everyone to understand the issue of workplace bullying and furthermore, you want people to stop making excuses for their poor behavior. You’ve…

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Staying on Your Feet in the Arena of Workplace Bullying

Staying on Your Feet in the Arena of Workplace Bullying Doing battle with a bully is a little like wrestling. Wrestlers try to force each other out of a ring either by using superior strength or catching their opponent off guard.  When targets confront workplace bullies, they shouldn’t use physical strength. But they can disarm a bully that is using intimidation—the bully’s strongest weapon—by catching the bully off guard with a positive mind set. Nothing…

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How to Say No to a Workplace Bully

How to Say No to a Workplace Bully Has the bully demanded an answer from you and you’ve felt put on the spot? Know that you can change the tenacity of the bully’s demanding energy toward you so you can take back control. Do you find yourself trying to say yes in order to please the bully? And by the way, has this been working? Believe it or not, there are some things you can do to gain back your power and say the "no" you want to say! How…

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High Achievers Are the Target of a Bully’s Insecurities

High Achievers Are the Target of a Bully’s Insecurities Have you heard of the Tall Poppy Syndrome? In Australia, where poppies grow, they for the most part grow to the same height. Every once in a while, one poppy grows higher than the rest. What do you think they do? You got it...they come along and chop the poppy down to match all the others. This is the same methodology a bully will take with a superstar or high achiever. Workplace bullies by nature are very…

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Workplace Bullying: The Bully’s Spell Over the Bystander

Workplace Bullying: The Bully’s Spell Over the Bystander If you have ever been bullied, were you surprised that your closest co-workers may not have come to your defense?  In addition to taking a ‘blow’ from a bully, when a target is perhaps at their lowest point, they sometimes turn around and there is no one ‘in the school yard’ standing behind them.  Consider a group email sent by a co-worker to a peer group calling down another worker’s idea and leaving…

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12 Steps: Enjoy Your Free Time Even Though You’re Being Bullied

You might have some holidays or free time coming up and I realize you may just take the time to ‘think more’ about your bullying situation at work.  While we’ve been blessed with the ability to think and reason, let me give you some hope to ensure your thoughts are working for you; after all, you deserve to enjoy your holiday and free time! Step 1: If you've identified you are being bullied, and you…

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10 Reasons Why the HR Process Might Not Be Working for You

If an organization has a workplace bullying process which employees can use, the question to ask is does it work? Like any movement of change in society, we must start with awareness; once aware, then effective leadership is required to create the change. You cannot change what you do not acknowledge; you cannot lead without authority. Human resource professionals are often the ‘go-to’ department for workplace…

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10 Tips to Overcome Procrastination in Dealing with the Bully

Some people (most) would rather stick a fork in their eye than address something very difficult such as how to handle a workplace bully. Sometimes it can seem impossible and hope fades. Here’s What Happens: The bully upsets you. There is increased stress, perhaps loss of productivity and an increase of personal self-doubt causing frustration for you. You start to search out ‘what to do’ and it seems …

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10 Tips To Create Confidence to Handle Workplace Bullies

After creating clarity of what you want and what you do not want, confidence is key. Many people continue to get informed but at some point you will want to have the confidence to take the action you so deserve. 1. The concept of self-confidence is acceptance of the many consequences of a situation; good or bad. Question: Are you believing “If I just do this, the bully will be nicer”? It won’t…

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