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Bully Free at Work: Creating a Respectful Workplace

What can you do when ‘extending the olive branch’ doesn’t seem to work anymore? Handling workplace bullying is actually 180° different than ‘working with a difficult person’. Traditional conflict resolution does not work when dealing with someone who is highly oppositional. That’s why this session is different. Here’s What You…

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The Politics of Workplace Bullying: Creating Civility & Accountability

If it’s not rational, it’s political! How much time and energy have you already invested into tying to navigate through and deal with disruptive behaviors? Handling these disruptive, abrasive and bullying behaviors successfully requires some non-traditional training. This advanced session is more than ‘winning with difficult people’.…

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The Behavioral Economics of Building Trust

Wouldn’t it be great to know how to handle others ‘who don’t get it” and to be able to lead them to a win-win understanding with ease?! This inspirational keynote will help professionals want to ‘work through anything with anyone’! This session helps to remove defensiveness with understanding through humor, relevant examples and…

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How To Build Goodwill So You Can Say What You Need To Say!

Have you found yourself in situations where the ability to communicate tactfully, yet with confidence, would help you get what you want? Most of us also want to do that in a way that is not at the expense of others or ourselves. We can ignore these conversations, but doing so will become the number one reason for low morale and lack of…

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