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Where is the Support? Adult Bullying Hard Battling Alone

Have you ever tried to reach out to your co-workers or friends to tell them about your adult bullying situation, but they weren’t there for you? How about reaching out to your boss and they seemed to either minimize your situation or my favourite, tell you not to feel that way? Have you you also noticed, the more time and energy you devote to preparing to share, the higher your expectations tend to be? Yet, we do…

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Five Choices to Handle Adversarial Conflict and Bullying

Not all conflicts can be resolved.  However, would you like to know some tips to resolve more conflicts involving bullying in the workplace? Avoidance a) A refusal to engage  b) Most prevalent Example: A very obvious verbal attack occurs, and the target, due to fear, simply walks away. While this obviously is not a good way of dealing with bullying in the workplace the majority of the time, it is worth…

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Cyber Bullying in the Workplace

“You should know better.” That was the ominous text message Laura, a Registered Nurse at a large medical center, received from 20 people at 11 a.m. one morning. She was astounded. What was happening, she wondered? What did the message mean? And why would anyone—let alone 20 people—text her with the same message? Laura went home that night shaken and perplexed. After a sleepless night, she figured it…

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Understanding Unfair Conversations: Knowing Bully Tactics

When it comes to workplace bullying, we can and will be confused. Have you ever felt bewildered right in the middle of a conversation, wondering to yourself ‘what on earth is happening here?’ or ‘I want to work this out in a fair way, but I feel the other person is acting unfairly’? You will want to Bully Proof Yourself. Fair conversations occur when both parties feel honored. Unfair conversations occur…

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How Do You Rate? Boundary Quiz for Workplace Bullying

Awareness is empowerment.  Boundaries are essential in protecting yourself from workplace bullying and disrespectful acts.  Take the quiz:     What gets measured gets treasured! 1.  Do you have a healthy ability to be emotionally attached to others? Not attached      Healthy     Too attached 5      4      3      2     1      2      3     4      5 2.  Can you…

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Non-Responsiveness Can Be a Workplace Bullying Tactic

Feeling ignored? Have you ever tried reaching out to another and you do not receive the same rapport back? While it is true we will not all connect brilliantly with each other, bold non-responsiveness or being ignored outright may be a bullying tactic. At work, a certain level of responsiveness is required in order to be productive. In society, being responsive to one another is what we call humanity. The key is…

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Respect at Work: Are Your Boundaries Honored?

Forceful: Not honoring the boundaries of others. Motivator: To get their own needs met - first as efficiently as possible. What They Do: Overt and direct – demand that others comply in order to meet their needs.  They use direct words and tone of voice to push you into decisions you do not want. Manipulative – A more persuasive approach that is less confrontational but creates pressure…

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Workplace Bullying: Boundaries and Not Giving In

Sometimes we cannot fathom the fact that some people don't share the same level of interest in creating a respectful relationship as we might think they should.  As a result, some people over-give or become over-responsible for creating a connection within the relationship in order to bridge the gap.  In doing so, some people give too much and leave themselves open as a target for continuous…

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The Pompous Bully: What You’ll Want To Know

An addiction is a compulsive habit, a dependence or need for something. A pompous bully is addicted to fame, adulation and adoration from others. As with all addictions, it is an obsession for something one cannot live without. A pompous bully cannot live without these aspects of life present and when they do not come naturally and in abundance from the people around them, they'll do 'whatever it takes' to feed…

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Why Does the Bully Get Away With It?

A common scenario: Divide and conquer. Who said that? It’s been said many times as a strategy of war. Bullies do just that. Bullies know full well that once a target’s support and community are removed they have a winning chance of being able to continue the bullying. Bullies separate you from general information, social situations, your peers, tools to do your job, affection and admiration and well…

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