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How the Bully Avoids Accountability

Workplace bullying occurs because it can. Simply put, it takes a village to raise a child; it also takes a village to support the interests of its players. The question then becomes, what game are you playing? A company or organization exists to make a profit and to attain results. To the employer, a workplace bullying incident ‘takes time and energy away from profits and results’ in the short term. Companies…

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Handling Workplace Bullying Resentment and Anger

It’s not fair. Yes, this is true. The question is what do we do when something isn’t fair? While workplace bullying has been proven to take its toll on a target’s well being, sometimes one forgets they still have power. This place of powerlessness does not serve anyone, especially the target. It is natural to think: “Why should I have to change? They are the ones who need to change”. Yes, this can feel …

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Overcoming Workplace Bullying Resentment

Many people say: “Why do I have to change? It is the bully who needs to change.” In fact when the bully does not change, resentments can build in the target and that can be an unfortunate slope to be sliding down all of a sudden. Yes, it would be most ideal if the bully would change.  Did you know you can put forward the best coping skills and the bully still might not change? The real question is “How…

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What Does Entitlement Have To Do With Workplace Bullying?

Entitlement refers to a belief that one is deserving of some particular reward or benefit. We have many accepted social entitlements such as: The first in line is the first served. Ever try to cut into a line-up and go to the front?  People’s sense of fairness and justice creates a feeling of “I don’t deserve this” and one is likely to be upset.  “It’s not fair”. Equal pay for equal work…

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Who Should Decide If Someone Is Being Bullied?

We receive many email questions from all over the world. Here is an excellent question for those who deal with workplace bullying "he says, she says" scenarios: Who should decide if someone is being bullied at work?  The question is a valid one.  This has to do with the reality of the target, and the reality of the bully (the bully knowingly and repeatedly targets an individual with disrespectful…

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Classy Crucial Conversations That Count

Have you ever wondered how to say what you need to say… not at the expense of yourself or another? Most people would rather stick a fork in their eye than have to address a conversation that might carry some form of uncertainty. But what is the alternative? IT might be in your best interest to study how to express yourself clearly...and who knows, it just might be better than holding in all of your thoughts. Here…

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How To Manage Your Boss: The Essence of Influence

Someone once said, “What interests my boss fascinates the heck out of me!” Better said, it is in our best interest to be aware of what is important to our boss, in order to know how to co-exist. After 20 years of working with people all over the world, it occurred to me that realizing how to manage my boss was one of the most important things I learned in order to get more results here are some tips …

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10 Tips to Encourage Your Boss to Follow Through

You know you’re right.  This is a case of Bullying Behavior.  Know that the boss you go to for an intervention may not have the same needs as you and it will be up to you to meet your boss where they are at for the most part. The boss might be happier if he/she did not have to deal with the work, uncertainty, time effort and stress with regard to your claim; they're hoping you can "just shoulder” it.  …

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Ready To Move Onto Something Better Than Bullying?

Are you ready to let go?  Another question:  Are you ready to move onto something better with regard to dealing with your workplace bullying situation?  In my book Bully Free At Work I highlight a step-by-step plan on ‘moving through’ in Chapter 8:  Handling the Bully. There still might be some ways that you are resisting the change you so deserve.  Take note to a better, more hopeful,…

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Why Do I Resist Doing Something About Workplace Bullying?

You want to have a different work experience - one that is bully-free - yet you might be feeling: That you do not know what to do (then education and awareness is key), Or you actually do know what you might or could do, but you haven’t yet gotten the clarity and focus (I call this conviction and confidence) to change. You want to the situation to change, but… Don’t let your resistance prevent you…

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